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Thunderstorms, UpperAtmospheric Electrical Discharges and Wind Driven Sand/Snow Static Voltages Can Cause Equipment Damage.
However, Alpha Delta Has Many "Firsts" for Your Station Protection.

Alpha Delta Communications, Inc. has been producing industry leading RF management products for the communications industry for over 30 years. Our coax surge protectors, surge protected coax switches and severe weather rated multi-band and single band HF antennas are ALL made in the U.S.A. In our ISO-9001 certified production facility for highest quality and reliability. When you select Alpha Delta, you select quality!

Our products have been thoroughly tested and approved by Government, Industry and Military labs and agencies and have been issued NSN numbers by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Cage TT3G50Code 389A5. Check the various photo links for spec details and installation sheets.

• Model ATT/TT3G50 series coax surge protectors are designed with precision micro-wave thru-line cavity construction for truly broadband, low loss performance (0-3 GHz, depending on connector type) in a single device. Several bandpass models are NOT required to cover the spectrum as in older designs. Also, we do NOT use internal LC components as they have been known to fail in
TT3G50the field.


Our internal gas tube ARC-PLUG module is field replaceable with the twist of the knurled knob, eliminating a major field maintenance problem. With other designs, the entire unit must be removed and discarded.

The Alpha Delta design allows direct control voltage thru-put to head end equipment, instead of the "wire around" requirement of older designs.

Delta 4bThe ARC-PLUG module and connectors are "O" ring sealed for all weather protection. Various connector styles and configurations are available.

•Models DELTA-2B and 4B surge protected coax switches and Model ASC-4B surge protected coax switches in a convenient desk top console are designed for low loss performance with excellent co-channel rejection through 1.3 GHz, depending on connector model.

ASCThey are built with powder coated cases and are designed with micro-strip constant impedance cavity construction for best performance. They have a precision internal rotating mechanism with positive detent action for exact switch position indication. Check this site for various connector models.

The switches use a gas tube ARC-PLUG module which is accessible through the front panel for easy access if replacement is needed. 2 and 4 switch position models are available. Check WEB for details.

•Alpha Delta Model DX series HF wire antennas are unique in the industry, using severe weather rated components for extreme environments such as high tensile strength insulated solid copper 12 Ga. wire, and stainless steel hardware. Many models use internal gas tube static voltage protectors. The Model DX series has the most efficient performance we have tested----better than metal enclosed trap types or end-fed half wave models. The difference can be significant!

The Unique Model UCGC Copper Ground Rod Clamp and Model GBWM Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount for the Models TT/ATT3G50 series Coax Surge Protectors

ucg ucg

Model UCGC Copper Ground Rod Clamp. $49.95 ea plus shipping and handling.

Model GBWM Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount. $69.95 ea plus shipping and handling.
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Model DX-CC multi-band dipole at N6BM

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