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The Development Of Social Media

Social media is an online communication media, almost everyone must have social media. Social media itself began in 2002 with the emergence of Friendster, which is an application to build cyberspace friendships with a wide scope of the entire world. After the emergence of Friendster, the next social media is Linkendin, a site that shares experiences in the business and work world that were founded in the same year.

In 2003 came MySpace, which focuses on the orientation of someone’s music, MySpace became a networking site that can be used to exchange messages / chat, upload songs / videos and provide installation services for specific music genres on the profile page.

In 2004 Flickr, a site that gave its user space to upload interesting photos and videos, could be shared with members on the site.

In 2004, Facebook emerged as a social networking media that enables us to exchange private and group messages both images and videos, on Facebook we can also send friend requests to all users of the site in the world.

In 2006 a new networking site reappeared, Twitter. The site is a social network that enables us to follow other users to be able to follow the posts they make. This site also allows us to upload images and videos and can send messages to other users.

In the same year the app, Whatsapp, appeared, but in that year, this application was not requested by many people. This application focuses on exchanging messages between individuals and groups that can go through several choices namely text, calls and video calls.

4 years ago, in 2010 Instagram emerged as a social networking site that provides facilities to edit photos and videos and upload them. Interactions built on this site can be in the form of like buttons, comment fields and sending messages via Direct Message (DM)

Line is the next social networking site that emerged in 2011. In contrast to other social networking sites, Line focuses on using applications to exchange messages. The system of adding friends on Line can be found by using the add system using username / id. But on this site, users are also allowed to upload photos or videos in the timeline.

Then in the same year, Snapchat is a social networking site that facilitates users to exchange messages with an editable photo medium such as entering text messages and using the effects effect on photos.

Furthermore, in 2011, Google+ is a site in the network that has features in it that can be used to interact. Like Google Hangouts to exchange messages.

Until now there are still many applications that have sprung up, social media has become one of the big influences, a lot has happened in social media, there are those who use it well and those who abuse it. The development of the era of social media has become a place to bully people online, and many who make terror through social media, therefore the importance of all of us wisely in using social media

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Understanding of Technology

Understanding of technology is all the facilities and infrastructure to provide the items needed for survival and also the comfort of human life. The use of technology for humans begins with the change in natural resources into a variety of simple tools.

Prehistoric discoveries about the ability to control fire have increased the availability of various kinds of food sources, while the discovery of the wheel has helped humans to mobilize that has an impact on the journey and control of the human environment itself.

The latest technological developments have reduced various physical barriers to communication and made possible interactions between humans and other creatures on a global scale.

History of Technology

Various kinds of innovations continue to develop during the middle ages. Medieval technology uses many simple machines such as levers, bolts and pulleys combined to form other more complex equipment.

During the Renaissance era, printing presses were invented that allowed for greater knowledge of documentation and technology also increasingly related to science. Technological advancements in this century are said to be more stable so as to make food and goods reserves more stable as well.

The industrial revolution in England in the 18th century was the beginning of the discovery of new technological technologies in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and so on. The advancement of science and the discovery of various new concepts enable the development of technology in a more advanced direction and a level higher than the previous era. In the late 19th and early 20th century, technology in transportation began to develop rapidly, such as trains and airplanes.

Then in the 20th century more and more new discoveries. In the field of physics, nuclear fission was discovered which triggered discoveries in the field of nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Computers are also getting smaller in size thanks to transistors and integrated circuits. In addition, the development of information technology is also very rapid in the 21st century, namely the discovery of the internet that reforms the total information media.

Complex manufacturing and construction techniques are needed to make and maintain all this latest technology. they also do not forget that there is an obligation to support and develop the latest generation so that various kinds of equipment appear in the more complex fields of technology. Modern technology is very dependent on training and education and often requires certain knowledge and training from users or users.

Types of Technology There are various types of technology that are known in the community, not only in Indonesia, but also on a global level. Some types of technology that are often used by humans are:

1. Communication TechnologyUsed to provide information from one place to another or from one person to another in order to convey what will be conveyed, provide new information. Communication technology is highly needed in today’s modern era where distance and time are no longer a barrier to being able to continue to share information between one person and another. Examples of communication technology is the use of cellphones, telephones or computers.

2. Construction Technology Sophisticated methods and all kinds of equipment used to build a construction structure be it a building or heavy construction. Users of construction technology tools such as tractors, for example, aim to prepare land. This technology is certainly very useful for use in this modern and sophisticated era.

3. Medical Technology This type of technology is used to expand and enhance human life. this technology is used to reduce the pain and illness of the patient concerned. Developed countries in general have used this technology a lot in the health care system so that many people who come from developed countries have higher levels of health and life expectancy. this is certainly supported because of the advancement of technology in the medical field.

4. Information Technology A hardware and hardware that can be
used to store information or information technology tools that can help provide people with timely and targeted information to complete their tasks and functions.

5. Online Gambling Technology  is an online gambling game that you can play online through the internet. There are many types of gambling games that you can play online such as slot online, online balls, online casinos etc.

This information technology is related to internet networks and information systems that use a lot of coding or certain symbols and can only be understood by some people if it still exists in raw form. The existence of this information technology will greatly assist humans in completing their tasks because all the data presented are arranged in such a way that it is easier to access and process.

Functions and Benefits of Technology

A technology there certainly contains various benefits and functions. The various benefits and functions of technology can be divided into general benefits and specific benefits. the general benefits of technology include making it easy for users or users, making work shorter and faster, and making work more efficient.

While the specific benefits of technology include being in the family, it will help educate children so that they are not technologically illiterate (gaptek) and able to blend in with the surrounding environment. In addition, technology can be used as a means of exploration to add insight and knowledge and connect the effectiveness in completing a job.

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Development of the World of Internet and History

Who does not know about the term internet now? Almost everyone already knows from children to adults are familiar with the term. Understanding the internet itself can you formulate at a glance.

Even now all aspects of work in our daily lives have announced the internet is no longer a secret the internet is now part of human life to find all solutions and answers on the internet when you are looking for guidance on various things you are looking for news even when you order certain goods or products . And all that becomes practical without obstacles you can already use the internet itself.

Not infrequently also this sophisticated technology separates us from the people around us. For example, when eating places that have installed an internet connection and customers who come only ask for an internet password before they order a food menu. After they eat they will certainly be busy with their respective devices for internet access.

Then what exactly is the internet and how is the history of the development of the internet here we will explain about internet technology that is growing more rapidly!

What is internet? The internet is a communication network that connects one electronic media with other media. Supporting technology standards that are used globally are the transmission control protocol or the internet protocol suite (abbreviated as the term TCP / IP). TCP / IP is a packet exchange protocol (in foreign terms Switching Communication Protocol) that can be used for billions of more users in the world. Meanwhile, the term “internetworking” means the way / process in connecting internet circuits and the application of the rules mentioned earlier.

Understanding the internet according to experts and various kinds of internet definitions that you can read to add insight:

– Oetomo

According to Oetomo (2002) the internet is an abbreviation or abbreviation of the international network, which is also defined as a very large computer network, where the computer network consists of several small networks connected to each other.

– Supriyanto

According to Supriyanto (2006) the Internet is a relationship between various types of computers and also with networks in the world that have operating systems and applications that are different, where the relationship utilizes the advancement of communication devices such as telephones and satellites that use standard protocols in conducting communication links , i.e. the TCP / IP (Transmission Control / Internet Protocol) protocol.

– Drew Heywood

According to Heywood (1996) the internet is a technological term that first appeared in the late 60s, namely when the United States Department of Defense (DoD) needed a new standard in conducting Internetworking communications. This new standard must be a standard that is able to connect various types of computers in DoD with computers owned by military contractors, research organizations or also scientific ones such as at universities. This network must be strong, safe and resistant to damage so that it can also be operated at minimum conditions due to disaster or war.


In the 1960s, the Department of Defense of the United States through the Advanced Research Projects Agency, also abbreviated as ARPA, pioneered a network system called ARPANET. This ARPANET was its origin before the formation of internet technology. It was only in the 1980s that the internet began to be used by limited circles and carried out its function by connecting various popular campuses or universities in the United States itself.

The standard protocol of TCP / IP itself began to be published to the public in 1982. The existence of a domain name also began to be used four years after, precisely in 1984. Then, the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) was established and began to be developed in 1986. This NSFNET which began to replace the role of the ARPANET as a forum for related research in the United States. Some international networks in many countries finally began to be developed and connected through the NSFNET.

The ARPANET was later revealed in 1990. But indeed the internet resulting from its development has continued to grow continuously until now. In the past, information that could be obtained via the internet was only text-based information. And in 1990, a similar graphical display-based service known as WWW (World Wide Web) began to be developed again by CERN. In 1993, InterNIC was founded so that it could serve domain name registrations from the public. Around 1994, the internet entered our country, Indonesia.

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Communication tools are media that are used in disseminating or conveying information, both to one individual and many individuals. Even communication tools along with the development of the times, now not only as a messenger or information, but also as a producer of messages or information as well.

From the beginning until now, the communication media continues to experience changes and progress as well as rapid development. With the difference that the communication media used to be not as sophisticated as modern communication media today. It used to be limited to sound, now we can see the person visually and directly.

Indeed, in the past communication media was something special at the time. Therefore, many people, especially scientists, began to compete in creating communication media. Even in ancient times, people still used leaves and the natural environment to communicate, now people just need to use hand-held tools to communicate. Even now the handheld device can be used as a ‘weapon’ in survival. This is the uniqueness of the times.


Modern communication media is a medium that is used today in communication. Which media is a very sophisticated and modern media in the development of communication technology as for some modern communication media including the following:

1.  The telephone is one of the modern communication media used to talk through electronics. by using the telephone that you normally use to communicate with each other far away from us. And the telephone itself is a technology created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

2.  Mobile in the name of the hand itself, which means hand and phone are telephones so that it can be said that this handphone is one of the modern communication media that is developing very rapidly. Just like a telephone that can be used to talk to each other over long distances was once a modern communication that is often used by entrepreneurs or certain people only. But as time goes by now everyone can feel the modern technology of small children and even old ones can play this sophisticated communication tool, so that this phone has become the primary needs of people.

3.  Just like newspapers, that television is also an indirect communication medium whose purpose is to deliver news. And just like newspaper, on television, it also contains a variety of entertainment as a brain freshener. However, the difference between newspapers and television is a form of communication. In newspapers, the form of communication is in the form of visual text only, whereas in television, the communication is in the form of audio and visual graphics.

4.  For this radio the same as newspapers and television. However, radio is only a modern medium of communication in the form of audio. So, it can be said that television is a communication medium that is combined between radio and newspaper. Formerly, this radio was used by Indonesian fighters in conveying messages to their friends. Even this radio was used as a communication media when the proclamation of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia was announced by Bung Karno.

5.  Computers and the internet is the most sophisticated communication today because by using the internet people can connect many people anywhere and at any time to be able to around the world. but now many people use computers to play judi onine games, one of them is sbobet link.


There fore we need to have knowledge about the benefits of this modern communication media. Advances in technology is something to be thankful for because it is easier for us to communicate and do everything with this modern communication tool. indeed there are some modern communication media that have a positive impact but also a negative impact on people who use it wrong. Therefore, here we will explain the negative and positive impacts in the use of this modern communication media.

a. Positive impact:

1. Advances in technology make it effective and easy for us to communicate with each other to socialize.

2. Finding the latest information is more quickly accepted.

3. Reporting things that happen in the surrounding environment to the authorities more quickly.

b. Negative impact:

1. The far is getting closer, but the near is getting further and further.

2. Making human beings who are no longer socialist, but become individualists.

3. Enlarge immoral educational opportunities such as hoaxes, pornography, violence, and so on.

4. Creating a wall of separation of social status.

5. The rise of cyber crime, which is a crime through cyberspace

6. Socially, children will be less intelligent in thinking, because everything is completely instant.

Those are some of the reviews that we can explain about modern communication from the medium to the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication that we must know. So that we can be wiser in using this modern communication media tool properly.


Traditional and Modern Communication Equipment

Communication tools are all media used to disseminate or convey information, be it information to just one person or to many people. This communication tool also not only conveys information but also produces information.

Communication tools have existed since then and until now, but the difference is that the past is not as sophisticated as now that can directly hear the sound, see first hand what events or information will be conveyed. In the past, communication tools were not that great, but because there were communication tools in the past, scientists were increasingly competing to make a more useful and more modern item or communication tool today. The following are some of the past and present communication tools
Traditional Communication Equipment

1. A bell, bell or instrument that makes a sound

In ancient times many people used bells or bells to provide information to the public. Until now kentongan is still used in the area to wake people up if there are thieves or wake up the sahur while the bells are still used by schools or churches.

2. Letters

This letter is considered as the most appropriate communication tool to convey news or information. Until now the letter is still used to convey information but the use of the letter as a medium of information has begun to be abandoned by many people because it is considered ineffective.

3. Pigeon Post

Since ancient times Merpati is used to deliver long-distance messages. During wartime its use has increased even more, especially when communication tools are not functioning. Then merpatilah one of which is used to deliver secret military messages.

4. Telegraph

Telegraph is a communication tool that uses electrical equipment to send and receive signals according to codes in the form of electrical pulses. Inside there are copper cables that are useful for sending signals over long distances.

5. Palm leaves

In ancient times people had used written language as a communication tool. Correspondence activities in Indonesia have begun since the kingdom of Kutai, Tarumanegara, Pajajaran, Majapahit, Sriwijaya, and Mataram. Palm leaves used for craft materials and manuscripts. Commonly used for writing at that time was palm leaves.
Modern communication tools

1. Radio

Radio is a very important tool since it was discovered to be able to receive information in the form of sound or signal using electromagnetic waves. Despite the increasingly sophisticated means of communication today, but the radio has never died until now.

2. Facsimile

Facsimile is used to receive and send information via telephoto with a photographic reproduction system that allows us to send copies of the contents of a page, both in the form of text and images to other facsimile machines via telephone lines in minutes.

3. Newspapers

Newspapers are lightweight, easy-to-publish publications, usually printed on newsprint, containing the latest news on various topics. Topics can be politics, sports, editorials, and weather. Newspapers usually also contain cartoons, crosswords (TTS), and other entertainment.

4. Television

Television can enable you to get information quickly. Television is usually used to convey information en masse. This communication media is a very popular communication media. Almost all households in the world have a television.

5. Telephone cable

This phone has become very popular because it can make you connect with people from different cities without having to meet him directly. You can communicate more comfortably using this phone. The telephone is also the forerunner of today’s modern phones, namely mobile phones.

6. Cellphone

Mobile has become a modern version of the phone, until now people cannot be separated from mobile phones. There is even a newer version that allows you to communicate more smoothly, namely smartphones. At first, Mobile was only used by certain groups, such as businessmen. However, now HP seems to have become a primary need.

7. Computers

A computer is a tool used to manipulate and manage data based on commands given by its users. Computers have been used all over the world, computers today are very important in communication tools. Computers are not only as a communication tool but also as a means of storing data and important documents in the form of typing or video and play sbobet.