Traditional and Modern Communication Equipment

Communication tools are all media used to disseminate or convey information, be it information to just one person or to many people. This communication tool also not only conveys information but also produces information.

Communication tools have existed since then and until now, but the difference is that the past is not as sophisticated as now that can directly hear the sound, see first hand what events or information will be conveyed. In the past, communication tools were not that great, but because there were communication tools in the past, scientists were increasingly competing to make a more useful and more modern item or communication tool today. The following are some of the past and present communication tools
Traditional Communication Equipment

1. A bell, bell or instrument that makes a sound

In ancient times many people used bells or bells to provide information to the public. Until now kentongan is still used in the area to wake people up if there are thieves or wake up the sahur while the bells are still used by schools or churches.

2. Letters

This letter is considered as the most appropriate communication tool to convey news or information. Until now the letter is still used to convey information but the use of the letter as a medium of information has begun to be abandoned by many people because it is considered ineffective.

3. Pigeon Post

Since ancient times Merpati is used to deliver long-distance messages. During wartime its use has increased even more, especially when communication tools are not functioning. Then merpatilah one of which is used to deliver secret military messages.

4. Telegraph

Telegraph is a communication tool that uses electrical equipment to send and receive signals according to codes in the form of electrical pulses. Inside there are copper cables that are useful for sending signals over long distances.

5. Palm leaves

In ancient times people had used written language as a communication tool. Correspondence activities in Indonesia have begun since the kingdom of Kutai, Tarumanegara, Pajajaran, Majapahit, Sriwijaya, and Mataram. Palm leaves used for craft materials and manuscripts. Commonly used for writing at that time was palm leaves.
Modern communication tools

1. Radio

Radio is a very important tool since it was discovered to be able to receive information in the form of sound or signal using electromagnetic waves. Despite the increasingly sophisticated means of communication today, but the radio has never died until now.

2. Facsimile

Facsimile is used to receive and send information via telephoto with a photographic reproduction system that allows us to send copies of the contents of a page, both in the form of text and images to other facsimile machines via telephone lines in minutes.

3. Newspapers

Newspapers are lightweight, easy-to-publish publications, usually printed on newsprint, containing the latest news on various topics. Topics can be politics, sports, editorials, and weather. Newspapers usually also contain cartoons, crosswords (TTS), and other entertainment.

4. Television

Television can enable you to get information quickly. Television is usually used to convey information en masse. This communication media is a very popular communication media. Almost all households in the world have a television.

5. Telephone cable

This phone has become very popular because it can make you connect with people from different cities without having to meet him directly. You can communicate more comfortably using this phone. The telephone is also the forerunner of today’s modern phones, namely mobile phones.

6. Cellphone

Mobile has become a modern version of the phone, until now people cannot be separated from mobile phones. There is even a newer version that allows you to communicate more smoothly, namely smartphones. At first, Mobile was only used by certain groups, such as businessmen. However, now HP seems to have become a primary need.

7. Computers

A computer is a tool used to manipulate and manage data based on commands given by its users. Computers have been used all over the world, computers today are very important in communication tools. Computers are not only as a communication tool but also as a means of storing data and important documents in the form of typing or video and play sbobet.