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The Development Of Social Media

Social media is an online communication media, almost everyone must have social media. Social media itself began in 2002 with the emergence of Friendster, which is an application to build cyberspace friendships with a wide scope of the entire world. After the emergence of Friendster, the next social media is Linkendin, a site that shares experiences in the business and work world that were founded in the same year.

In 2003 came MySpace, which focuses on the orientation of someone’s music, MySpace became a networking site that can be used to exchange messages / chat, upload songs / videos and provide installation services for specific music genres on the profile page.

In 2004 Flickr, a site that gave its user space to upload interesting photos and videos, could be shared with members on the site.

In 2004, Facebook emerged as a social networking media that enables us to exchange private and group messages both images and videos, on Facebook we can also send friend requests to all users of the site in the world.

In 2006 a new networking site reappeared, Twitter. The site is a social network that enables us to follow other users to be able to follow the posts they make. This site also allows us to upload images and videos and can send messages to other users.

In the same year the app, Whatsapp, appeared, but in that year, this application was not requested by many people. This application focuses on exchanging messages between individuals and groups that can go through several choices namely text, calls and video calls.

4 years ago, in 2010 Instagram emerged as a social networking site that provides facilities to edit photos and videos and upload them. Interactions built on this site can be in the form of like buttons, comment fields and sending messages via Direct Message (DM)

Line is the next social networking site that emerged in 2011. In contrast to other social networking sites, Line focuses on using applications to exchange messages. The system of adding friends on Line can be found by using the add system using username / id. But on this site, users are also allowed to upload photos or videos in the timeline.

Then in the same year, Snapchat is a social networking site that facilitates users to exchange messages with an editable photo medium such as entering text messages and using the effects effect on photos.

Furthermore, in 2011, Google+ is a site in the network that has features in it that can be used to interact. Like Google Hangouts to exchange messages.

Until now there are still many applications that have sprung up, social media has become one of the big influences, a lot has happened in social media, there are those who use it well and those who abuse it. The development of the era of social media has become a place to bully people online, and many who make terror through social media, therefore the importance of all of us wisely in using social media