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Communication tools are media that are used in disseminating or conveying information, both to one individual and many individuals. Even communication tools along with the development of the times, now not only as a messenger or information, but also as a producer of messages or information as well.

From the beginning until now, the communication media continues to experience changes and progress as well as rapid development. With the difference that the communication media used to be not as sophisticated as modern communication media today. It used to be limited to sound, now we can see the person visually and directly.

Indeed, in the past communication media was something special at the time. Therefore, many people, especially scientists, began to compete in creating communication media. Even in ancient times, people still used leaves and the natural environment to communicate, now people just need to use hand-held tools to communicate. Even now the handheld device can be used as a ‘weapon’ in survival. This is the uniqueness of the times.


Modern communication media is a medium that is used today in communication. Which media is a very sophisticated and modern media in the development of communication technology as for some modern communication media including the following:

1.  The telephone is one of the modern communication media used to talk through electronics. by using the telephone that you normally use to communicate with each other far away from us. And the telephone itself is a technology created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

2.  Mobile in the name of the hand itself, which means hand and phone are telephones so that it can be said that this handphone is one of the modern communication media that is developing very rapidly. Just like a telephone that can be used to talk to each other over long distances was once a modern communication that is often used by entrepreneurs or certain people only. But as time goes by now everyone can feel the modern technology of small children and even old ones can play this sophisticated communication tool, so that this phone has become the primary needs of people.

3.  Just like newspapers, that television is also an indirect communication medium whose purpose is to deliver news. And just like newspaper, on television, it also contains a variety of entertainment as a brain freshener. However, the difference between newspapers and television is a form of communication. In newspapers, the form of communication is in the form of visual text only, whereas in television, the communication is in the form of audio and visual graphics.

4.  For this radio the same as newspapers and television. However, radio is only a modern medium of communication in the form of audio. So, it can be said that television is a communication medium that is combined between radio and newspaper. Formerly, this radio was used by Indonesian fighters in conveying messages to their friends. Even this radio was used as a communication media when the proclamation of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia was announced by Bung Karno.

5.  Computers and the internet is the most sophisticated communication today because by using the internet people can connect many people anywhere and at any time to be able to around the world. but now many people use computers to play judi onine games, one of them is sbobet link.


There fore we need to have knowledge about the benefits of this modern communication media. Advances in technology is something to be thankful for because it is easier for us to communicate and do everything with this modern communication tool. indeed there are some modern communication media that have a positive impact but also a negative impact on people who use it wrong. Therefore, here we will explain the negative and positive impacts in the use of this modern communication media.

a. Positive impact:

1. Advances in technology make it effective and easy for us to communicate with each other to socialize.

2. Finding the latest information is more quickly accepted.

3. Reporting things that happen in the surrounding environment to the authorities more quickly.

b. Negative impact:

1. The far is getting closer, but the near is getting further and further.

2. Making human beings who are no longer socialist, but become individualists.

3. Enlarge immoral educational opportunities such as hoaxes, pornography, violence, and so on.

4. Creating a wall of separation of social status.

5. The rise of cyber crime, which is a crime through cyberspace

6. Socially, children will be less intelligent in thinking, because everything is completely instant.

Those are some of the reviews that we can explain about modern communication from the medium to the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication that we must know. So that we can be wiser in using this modern communication media tool properly.