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Development of the World of Internet and History

Who does not know about the term internet now? Almost everyone already knows from children to adults are familiar with the term. Understanding the internet itself can you formulate at a glance.

Even now all aspects of work in our daily lives have announced the internet is no longer a secret the internet is now part of human life to find all solutions and answers on the internet when you are looking for guidance on various things you are looking for news even when you order certain goods or products . And all that becomes practical without obstacles you can already use the internet itself.

Not infrequently also this sophisticated technology separates us from the people around us. For example, when eating places that have installed an internet connection and customers who come only ask for an internet password before they order a food menu. After they eat they will certainly be busy with their respective devices for internet access.

Then what exactly is the internet and how is the history of the development of the internet here we will explain about internet technology that is growing more rapidly!

What is internet? The internet is a communication network that connects one electronic media with other media. Supporting technology standards that are used globally are the transmission control protocol or the internet protocol suite (abbreviated as the term TCP / IP). TCP / IP is a packet exchange protocol (in foreign terms Switching Communication Protocol) that can be used for billions of more users in the world. Meanwhile, the term “internetworking” means the way / process in connecting internet circuits and the application of the rules mentioned earlier.

Understanding the internet according to experts and various kinds of internet definitions that you can read to add insight:

– Oetomo

According to Oetomo (2002) the internet is an abbreviation or abbreviation of the international network, which is also defined as a very large computer network, where the computer network consists of several small networks connected to each other.

– Supriyanto

According to Supriyanto (2006) the Internet is a relationship between various types of computers and also with networks in the world that have operating systems and applications that are different, where the relationship utilizes the advancement of communication devices such as telephones and satellites that use standard protocols in conducting communication links , i.e. the TCP / IP (Transmission Control / Internet Protocol) protocol.

– Drew Heywood

According to Heywood (1996) the internet is a technological term that first appeared in the late 60s, namely when the United States Department of Defense (DoD) needed a new standard in conducting Internetworking communications. This new standard must be a standard that is able to connect various types of computers in DoD with computers owned by military contractors, research organizations or also scientific ones such as at universities. This network must be strong, safe and resistant to damage so that it can also be operated at minimum conditions due to disaster or war.


In the 1960s, the Department of Defense of the United States through the Advanced Research Projects Agency, also abbreviated as ARPA, pioneered a network system called ARPANET. This ARPANET was its origin before the formation of internet technology. It was only in the 1980s that the internet began to be used by limited circles and carried out its function by connecting various popular campuses or universities in the United States itself.

The standard protocol of TCP / IP itself began to be published to the public in 1982. The existence of a domain name also began to be used four years after, precisely in 1984. Then, the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) was established and began to be developed in 1986. This NSFNET which began to replace the role of the ARPANET as a forum for related research in the United States. Some international networks in many countries finally began to be developed and connected through the NSFNET.

The ARPANET was later revealed in 1990. But indeed the internet resulting from its development has continued to grow continuously until now. In the past, information that could be obtained via the internet was only text-based information. And in 1990, a similar graphical display-based service known as WWW (World Wide Web) began to be developed again by CERN. In 1993, InterNIC was founded so that it could serve domain name registrations from the public. Around 1994, the internet entered our country, Indonesia.