The New Alpha Delta PathFINDER

Alpha Delta Communications, Inc. introduces their new PathFINDER Digital Automatic Antenna Tuner with digital readout. This new tuner combines in one unit features previously available only in several separate products.

The PathFINDER provides continuous coverage tuning from 1.8 thru 30 MHz plus 6 meters. As a result, it is ideal for amateur radio as well as MARS, CAP and commercial/Government uses. It runs under microprocessor control with an average tuning time of 3 to 4 seconds--automatically.

The digital readout is a precision multi-function bar graph/numerical display that simultaneously reads RF watts (5 thru 200 watts), peak and average, VSWR and all tuner functions. The digital meter provides 5% accuracy plus 1 digit of ANY reading, not just full scale.

Front panel pushbutton switched outputs for coax, long wire or balanced line antennas--using a custom designed built-in balun. Select between 2 coax or 1 coax and 1 long wire/balanced type antenna.

10:1 SWR tuning range on HF and 3:1 on 6 meters. Much wider than typical built-in transceiver tuners. Will match coax outputs from 6 thru 800 ohms and long wire/balanced outputs from 24 thru 3200 ohms (HF). Will match a wide variety of antennas.

200 watt power rating on HF and 100 watts on 6 meters with 50% duty cycle.

Requires 12 VDC @1 AMP; 7.5 in. W, 2.5 in. H and 11 in. D; Wt 5.5 lbs.

In addition to the digital readout, audio beep reponses for SWR and various functions are provided for the visually impaired. Data cables for popular transceivers will be available, but not required for automatic operation.

Alpha Delta Communications, Inc., P.O. Box 620, Manchester, KY 40962, web site < Toll free order line 888-302-8777. FAX 606-598-4413

Alpha Delta has a FAQ page for the PathFINDER. Take a look!

Check out the Users Manual for the PathFINDER in PDF format!

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