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Sales office is not set up to handle tech calls. For those, see e-mail addresses
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Important Note About Contacting our Office. Please read before calling or sending e-mails:

Alpha Delta is not set up to design or build custom antennas, or modify existing antenna models. We have no "mods" to make one model into another. Our HF antennas are tested at a height of 35 ft. in "clear surroundings", at least 20 ft. from surrounding objects (roof tops, gutters, other wire antennas, guy wires, etc.) in an inverted-V configuration. "Flat top" installations work just as well. Check link on WEB site link "Limited Space High Performance Antennas" for installation details and site requirements for the various models.

We cannot answer questions about "if we think" other, nonstandard installation sites or configurations would work because there is simply no way to know. Some odd configurations (fold backs, bends, close to other objects, etc.) work and some don't. Some attic installations work effectively but some don't, depending on attic configurations, attic wiring, HVAC ducting, nearby outside gutters and overall height above ground. Sometimes a wide range antenna tuner will be effective in nonstandard installations.

It is the customer responsibility to install any antenna in "clear site" conditions at proper heights above ground. Odd configurations are on a "trial and error" basis.

The most effective communications, with the fastest responses from our facilities is via e-mail. If we are out of the office on tests, shipping or meetings, we have found on return to the office some voice mails are left garbled and messages and phone numbers are not clear. We check our e-mails frequently even from remote site locations. We do not respond to calls where the caller ID on the phones indicate "unknown caller" or "unknown name", as most of these are telemarketing calls.

Note: You MUST obtain an RMA number before ANY product returns.

For technical questions only on wire dipoles and sloper antennas:

For tech questions on all other Alpha Delta products, including shipping status or ordering details (including antennas):

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